Friday, September 20, 2019

Weekly Reads

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Where is God Asking You to Take Him at His Word? by Tim Challies
So much of the Christian life comes down to this simple discipline: Taking God at His Word. God speaks to me through the Bible and makes so many precious promises. The question is, will I believe, and will I obey? Will I take God at His Word?

What You Share When You Show Christian Hospitality by David Qaoud
Showing Christian hospitality is always worth it. It's not always easy and fun, but it is one of the biggest expressions of love you can show your neighbor.

Nothing On Your Phone Can Replace the Local Church by Brett McCracken
The church is and will always be central to the Christian life: a priceless jewel we should treasure and not trade for anything.

The Ministry of Presence by Tim Challies
I am convinced every church needs more of these people - more people who see their presence as a great contribution to their church. The local church doesn't need people of outsized talents or rare abilities as much as it needs normal people with full-out commitment.

He Must Increase, Our Churches Must Decrease: Thoughts on the Desire for Revival by Jared Wilson
No, a gospel-centered church doesn't aim to be the anything-est church in town because it's not comparing itself to other churches, but to the holiness of God.

Preparing Your Children For Adulthood With Scripture Memory by Dakota Lynch
Whatever your family chooses to memorize this year, may God's Word be found right where it belongs: in your heart and at the center of your home.

Minor Prophets in My Home: How Children Reveal Our Idols by Darren Carlson
We live in a society that is growing in its animosity toward children, primarily because we view them as a limitation, a shift that has sadly infected the church... the Psalmist says, "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward" (Psalm 127:3).

How to Help Your Teens Use Their Phones for Good by Katherine Forster
Teens don't just need more productivity or better time-management skills. We don't need to "take back our lives" from technology. No, we need to submit them to the Lord Jesus - every part of them - including our smartphones.

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