Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Reads - 5/7/18

Rosaria Butterfield: Christian Hospitality is Radically Different Than "Southern Hospitality"

Four Lessons I've Learned From the Puritans by Brian G. Najapfour

Learning To See the Glory In The Frustration In Parenting by Dustin Coleman
By the grace of God, we can not only survive these years, we can thrive in them. We just need to have the right perspective.

Violence Against Women Begins in the Womb by Elaine Storkey
It starts with recognizing the failure of two fundamental human rights: women being denied safety and girls being denied the basic right to be born.

A Dream Deferred by Jasmine Holmes
A reflection on trusting God through the heartache of miscarriage and childlessness: And my hope remains in eternity where my dreams will no longer be deferred, where my heart will explode with the reality of God's good providence where He will dry my every tear and remind me that even broken mamas are woman enough in Him.

Look Up From Your Lists: Letter To My 30-Year-Old-Self by Rick Segal
If I could do it all over, people would become the unrivaled objects of my fascination and service in my work.

The Christian's Job Description by John MacArthur
That's what I do - I tell people how to be reconciled to God. It's my job; it's my life. And it's yours, too, if you've been reconciled to God through Christ. That's what Christians do - it's our primary function. We preach the forgiveness of sins and redemption by God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

The Dad I Want To Be by Daniel Darling
God calls us to something better and empowers us. We can't change where we've already failed, but we shouldn't let past failures paralyze us. Right now, in this exact moment, I can be faithful. I can put down my phone. I can seek peace in this conversation. I can turn away from selfishness and toward service.