Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday Reads - 9/20/18

Advice to Christian Apologists by Douglas Groothuis
"Since all Christians should be witnesses to the reality of the Gospel, every Christian is an apologist."

Disruptive Conversations by Alan Noble
"The gift of time demonstrates to someone that they matter, and that their questions and thoughts and fears matter."

3 Boundaries You Absolutely Need in Your Marriage by Ryan Frederick
"The first step toward living with integrity in your marriage is being transparent."

4 Ways to Become an Effective Role Player in Your Church by Joseph Dicks
"Sports fans also know there's no greater competitive experience than when your team is firing on all cylinders because everyone is doing their job."

Pray for Revival - In the Other Guy's Church by Andy Johnson
"God has a big plan for His whole world, and God will accomplish His work in the world... Sometimes He may do that through us. Sometimes He may do it through the church down the street."

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