Monday, January 9, 2017

Daily Reads - 1/9/17

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Paul's Prayer for the Church
A short meditation on Ephesians 3:14-21.

Seven Steps to Strengthen Prayer
Prayer is the chief instrument that God has given to us to do battle with the enemy. Let's discipline ourselves in this vital area of spiritual growth.

The Humility of Love
The example of Christ is so counter to our egotistical, narcissistic culture... and counter to our own proud hearts. "Scripture is clear: Pride and self-centeredness are hostile to true, Christlike godliness. Jesus repeatedly and emphatically condemned pride. Both His life and His teaching constantly exalted the virtue of humility. Nowhere is that more clear than in John 13."

What's Wrong With Producing a "Worship Experience"?
Expert from an excellent interview about the problem with viewing a church service as an "experience" rather than a time to worship God.

Wisdom for Reading the Proverbs
Sometimes it can be difficult to read and understand the Proverbs. This article provides some reminders for how we ought to approach this beautiful book of wisdom.

The Best Kind of Self-Care is Care for Others
True joy comes in serving others. And I love this post was written by a missionary.

What We Need to Learn From the Early Church
Good thoughts from Tim Keller.

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